Sunday, 3 February 2013

How To Be A Fat Bitch e-course Week 1

For the next 52 weeks I am going to be participating in this e-course offered by Rachele over at The Nearsighted Owl. If you want to learn more I encourage you to check out the link above and maybe even sign up to take the course too!


Write down 5 things that you are going to do that make you happy. Not "even though you are fat" but because you are fat and awesome. 5 things that have nothing to do with trying for the sake of others. 5 things for yourself and your well being. Like "go out dancing and actually dance", "throw away my scale", "make something yummy and bring it to work to share", "join a yoga class" and "wear that tight leopard skirt". Blog it, Instagram it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below. EXTRA CREDIT: Do some of them!

1. Wear what I want when I want.

2. Dye my hair red.

3. Sew, craft and create.

4. Write more letters.

5. Cook dinner for my family, something that everyone will like and can eat.


How do you deal with people that make assumptions about you based on being fat? Is the best revenge to live well and be happy? How do you feel about the concept of there being a "good fatty" and a "bad fatty" perceived in society?

I have to say that no strangers have ever actually made any assumption about me and my weight to my face. Sometimes I think that people might be thinking something and not say it. This usually makes me feel self conscious at first. But I have been working on realizing that they are the ones with a problem, not me. When it comes to strangers I think the best revenge is to live well and be happy. You will probably never see that person again and it isn't worth provoking them when it doesn't really matter (especially if I am at work and it could escalate into a problem). When it comes to family and friends, I think education is the first step. And if they insist on being ignorant, then live well and be happy would be my next choice. This is the first time I have heard the "good fatty" and "bad fatty" concept put into so many words, but I think that it is very real and very ridiculous. "Good fattys" are the people who fuel the diet industry, but it isn't their fault because they have been inundated with that crap since birth. They need to know that there are other options. This whole concept that the fat people who have accepted themselves and begun to love themselves have "given up" pisses me off. There need to be more "bad fattys" in my opinion, here's hoping that some change can come from this course and more people can be brought into the "bad fattys" fold (see what I did there, ha!).