Monday, 18 February 2013

Universal Studios: Islands of Adventure Round 2

On our third day in Orlando we went back to the Islands of Adventure park again. We decided to go back to this park instead of the other one because we really enjoyed the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, plus we hadn't tried Butterbeer yet. Here are my favourite pictures from that day.

The Butterbeer tasetest.

It was actually pretty good, it tasted like cream soda mixed with caramel.

 Inside Honeydukes, I love the colour scheme!

Entrance to "Harry Potter And The Forbidden Journey," the ride inside the castle. Probably my favourite ride out of both parks.  

My dad and I on "Jurassic Park River Adventure." Your ode through this section as if you were touring Jurassic Park, and then suddenly you go off course and all of these dangerous dinosaurs are everywhere. You come upon the T-Rex and just as it looks like he is going to eat you you plunge 85 feet down a dark whole and into the water. We got soaked. Probably the scariest ride I went on, but it was totally worth it. 


  1. So lucky! I've been there once! It was so magical:D

    1. Haha, it was magical indeed (Harry Potter, magic, huh-huh!). I really want to go back at some point in the future.