Sunday, 31 March 2013

How To Be A Fat Bitch e-course Week #6


If you had to name your VBO, what would you call it? I think I would name mine Ms. Jiggly N. Fluffy, Master of Sexy and Spandex. Because she likes spandex. Your turn!

Squishy "Not A Baby But Still Awesome" McGee 


Stand in front of a mirror and come to terms and get to know your VBO. Talk to it, tell it why you love it, sing it a song, tell it it's sexy, touch it, etc. Do this once or until you have happy feelings about your belly. Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below.

A Letter To My VBO

Oh VBO, 
in the past I haven't been very kind to you and I think I need to apologize to you for that.
I used to stare at you in the mirror, think mean thoughts about you and call you names.
I didn't think you were very attractive and wished you away on several occasions.
I would hate it when people would mistake you for being a baby and not just fat.
To be perfectly honest you used to be the stuff of nightmares. 
But lately things have changed. Lately I don't hate you so much. 
Lately I have grown to accept you, appreciate you, even love you. 
And do you know why?
Because you are a part of me.
You are what makes me special.
You are what makes me beautiful.
You are what makes me me. 
And I love you for that. 
So thank you VBO for helping me learn to accept and love you, 
and in turn accept and love myself.
I hope we can put our hateful relationship behind us and have a long and happy life together.

Yours always,


Thursday, 28 March 2013

March Sew-Along Final Update

What I Wore:
Dress: Made by me from this pattern
Tights: Ardene
Shoes: Payless

Here is the finished product for the March Sew-Along! There was one less update than usual, and I apologize about that. Next month will be  little more on track. The toughest section between the last update and the final product were the sleeves. It wasn't even setting them into the dress, but preparing the cuffs. For some reason I found that section to be really difficult. Other than that it was a pretty happy pattern to work with. I wore this dress to work yesterday and it got rave reviews. I think it turned out really well, one of the best things I have made in the last while. This month seems to be the month of winning things because I found out this morning that I won a free pair of shoes from B.A.I.T. footwear thanks to  Cut Out + Keep. If you haven't checked out either of these websites I really think you should! I can't decided which pair of shoes I want from B.A.I.T. there are two in the running. It is really hard to decide because all of their shoes are lovely. Not much else going on around here so I am just going to share next month's project with you.

I am doing McCall's pattern M6604 option D. I am pretty excited about this one, I absolutely love the fabric (I got it at JoAnn's in Florida).

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Red Coffee Pot

What I Wore:
Dress: Made by me
Sweater: Zellers
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Blowfish 

I also wore this outfit last week during the crazy sale days at work. A lot of customers commented on my dress (although they thought it was a skirt) and said they really liked it. I thought was kind of appropriate considering the discussion from the Fat Bitch e-course last week. It's nice when people like something that I have made, it gives me a satisfied feeling. This dress amuses me. The print shows a lady making coffee in the morning and waking up her husband(?) with some coffee. But there there are there two random people and one guy sleeping in a chair? I am not really sure what is going on but it is pretty amusing anyway. 

Yesterday I worked a few hours at a local theatre. It was a nice change from standing all day that's for sure. I mostly worked on rigging things for quick changes and some other minor jobs, but it was fun. I get to go back on Thursday and am really looking forward to it. I did a co-op there when I was in high school and it is nice to be able to catch up with the employees and get back into the theatre world. There's not much else going on this week which is good because as you probably noticed from the lack of posts I got really behind on things last week. It didn't feel good to be so unorganized and out of the loop, and I am glad that things are getting back to normal this week.       

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How To Be a Fat Bitch e-course Week #5


I prefer sincere compliments over too many compliments, probably because duh, I am vain and I am hearing what I already know. What about you? Can you take a compliment? Or do you catch yourself saying the obligatory self-deprecating response?

Sometimes I am really bad at taking compliments. I like getting sincere compliments over forced ones any day, but I feel really awkward about real ones still. I don't make self-deprecating comments, but I think inside I kind of question why the person is complementing me (I am very unsure of myself) and I don't know how to react. It probably comes off as me being arrogant or rude, but in reality I am just awkward and trying to handle it in the best way. I am glad to say this happens a lot less frequently now, I used to be way worse. But since I have found more self confidence I can handle compliments way better.


Be vain and take a photo of yourself. Take a million of photos of yourself! Even if you don't post them, see what it feels like to be your own apple of your eye. Say, look at me! I am a fat bitch AND hot! Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below.

Here is a collage of all my vain activities from last week. Enjoy!

Peter Cottontail

Supplies Used:
NYC: French White Tip
Quo: Free Spirit
Quo: Instant Artist Black
Revlon: Extra LifeTop Coat

Monday, 25 March 2013

Wild Horses

What I Wore:
Dress: Made by yours truly
Cardi: thrifted
Tights: Ardene
Shoes: Payless (online)
Bow: Shoppers

I have to apologize because I have been neglecting my blog since last Wednesday. I worked a lot more than usual last week, and I picked up an extra 8 hours shift, and it was a huge sale and I felt like I was going a mile a minute and had no time to do anything extra. I felt as busy and stretched out as that sentence actually. I really intended to do outfit posts everyday and have a sew-along update and a final assignment post for the Fat Bitch e-course, but it just didn't happen. Sorry for the late post today too, I kind of forgot about it yesterday and I really just needed a day to myself to relax. But, I am back now and I should have some more time this week to catch up and do my regular posting.

I wore this outfit to work last week during the ridiculously busy sale (hence the awful wrinkles, awkward). I was so run off my feet that I spent most of the time without a sweater on, so I decided to post some pictures without a cardigan for a change. I don't know why I never thought to pair this cardigan with this dress because it matches really well. I bought the cardigan a while ago, and before this I only wore it once. It's kind of a shame because it is really soft and comfortable, it just doesn't go with a lot of my clothes. It is also kind of an awkward length, I generally prefer my sweaters to be a wee bit shorter. In my last closet purge I was even contemplating donating it because I hardly wear it. I am really glad I didn't get rid of it though because now that I have found this pairing I think I should try and see what other things it looks good with. I am really trying to work on making more creative pairings and I think that I have been doing a pretty good job lately.     

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Covered Buttons

What I Wore:
Shirt: Smart Set
Skirt: Made by yours truly
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Socks: Spring
Boots: ModCloth

I like this shirt and skirt combination a lot. If you haven't figured out by now that I love polka dots than this shirt probably proves it. That's not the only thing I like about it though, I also really enjoy the fake pocket on the front (which is weird because usually fake pockets annoy me and I keep wanting to put things in them and then wonder why it isn't working, but for some reason I find it endearing on this shirt) and the covered buttons at the back of the neck. I like shirts that have buttons up the back, and I love covered buttons so I really can't lose with that combination. I just love buttons in general though and I tend to collect items of clothing with interesting buttons, or I hoard buy buttons to sew onto things at a later date. This dress is an example of something I bought mainly for the buttons. Buttons are just really cool.

I have been experimenting with taking natural lighting pictures for my outfit posts and I think I prefer the results over those taken with a flash. The pictures just look richer and more natural (haha). The only downside is then sometimes you get blurry pictures,or ones where I am moving a lot. Sometimes they look really cool like the last one from this set,but others are not so great. Usually Colin takes my pictures for me (if he isn't here I use a tripod that he got me for my burfday), but the shutter speed has to be pretty low because of the lighting in here and he often has to take a few in a row to get a steady shot. Style blog problems. Overall I prefer taking a few rounds of pictures over fake looking ones. What do you guys think? Yay or nay to natural lighting? 

So far I am enjoying doing outfit posts everyday, but I don't think I could keep up with this every week. It is a lot of work mostly because I am running out of things to say haha!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Air Mail

Ardene: Vintage Blue
NYC: French Tip White 134
Quo: Instant Artist Black
Revlon: ExtraLife No Chip TopCoat

Vintage Patch Chronicles

How I Applied My Patches from Vintage-Patch:

Step One: I received my patches in the mail. 

 There was even a lovely congratulatory letter!

Step Two: I marked out where my patches would go (while wearing my pants). 

Step Three: I adjusted the placement of the patches on my pants and marked it out with pins. 

Step Four: I ironed on each patch, placing a damp tea towel over them and holding the iron down for about ten seconds on each spot. *Edit* for anyone concerned about the patches looking slightly puckered after ironing with the damp cloth, don't worry, just iron over them with a dry iron once to get the smooth finish back.

Step Five: I let the patches sit for a while so they could set properly. 

 Step Six: I did a lovely blanket stitch around the edge to further secure them and ensure longevity.

I'll Fly Away

What I Wore:
Shirt: H&M
Neckalce: Target
Cardi: Smart Set
Jeans: Zellers
Patches: c/o Vintage-Patch
Shoes: Ardene

I mentioned a while ago that I won the giveaway that was hosted by Vintage-Patch. I had been eyeing some of their products for a while and it came as a surprise when I actually won. I was sooooo excited when my patches arrived in the mail last week! I already had plans on what to do with them and I immediately went to work applying them (I will share that post later today). I love these jeans, and I have worn them a few times on here, but they were actually starting to wear out in the knees (which is weird because that's not where my pants usually begin to wear) so they were the perfect place to put my newly acquired patches. I wore these pants to work today and I got a lot of compliments on the patches. I am really happy with how they look, I am so happy that I won the giveaway, and I am very happy with my experience with Vintage-Patch. I will definitely be ordering from them at some point in the future.   


This is un-related to the patches on my pants, but it happened while I was wearing these clothes and thought I would share. As I mentioned yesterday as part of my assignment for the Fat Bitch e-course this week I am going to do outfit pictures everyday. I think this assignment came at the perfect time because I received an unpleasant comment at work yesterday and I really needed an image boost afterwards, so taking vain pictures was perfect. Someone asked me if I was pregnant yesterday at work and it made me feel a little unhappy (at first). Now this has happened before a couple times in the past, and before it made me feel gross and uncomfortable. But not today. Today my response was "No, that's just my belly." and happily patted it. After they left I started to feel kind of angry, like they had intruded a bit into my life. The person was nice about it, but still is it a stranger's business to know if I am pregnant? No! Should they be asking those kinds of personal questions in a public setting? No! Should they be asking personal questions in general? No! I think the most annoying part is that every time this has happened the person has backed up my response by saying "Good, because I thought you looked too young anyway." Excuse Me?! You don't know how old I am. I could want to be pregnant at a young age (and I am 24, which considering isn't that young. I know a few people who are married and have kids already). And even if it was unplanned, you just don't say that. What if I wanted to get pregnant and couldn't, or I had a miscarriage and you just brought up painful memories? It's just inappropriate  It's my body and my business. And even after that I love my body. I love my round stomach, and a few un-wanted pregnancy comments can't make me hate it. I am fat and I am beautiful and those two things can be synonymous.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Kate Nash & Gratuitous Selfies

What I Wore:
Dress: ModCloth
Cardi: Thrifted (Talize)
Belt: Bealls
Tights: ModCloth
Shoes: Thrifted (Talize)
Brooch: FanExpo booth

This is the outfit that I wore to the Kate Nash concert on Friday night. I took some gratuitous selfies in the mirror, which worked out because this weeks assignment for the Fat Bitch e-course is to be vain and take pictures of ourselves. I apologize for the crappy cell phone pictures but I didn't have a chance to take proper outfit pictures before we left and it was super late when we got back. The concert was so good! She mostly played songs from her latest album which came out on Thursday last week. I had only heard a few of the songs from it before we got to see her, but it was kind of like a fun surprise to hear her new material.  The album kind of has an old school punk feel to it. Colin and I were talking about this over the weekend and there has been a progression since her first album, which was more indie/folk ballads, to her second album which was more rockabilly, and now the third one which is kind of punk. Kate Nash is a very talented musician and I think she pulls off all of these styles very well. She is kind of a bad-ass and has a killer punk voice. I got a couple pictures of the opening band Supercute (who totally lived up to their name) and Kate Nash.

The Horseshoe Tavern stage

Opening band Supercute

Kate Nash! 

Kate Nash and her all girl band singing back up

As part of the Fat Bitch e-course I am going to attempt to post outfit pictures everyday this week, so stay tuned for that!