Thursday, 14 February 2013

February Sew-Along Update II

Last week I left off with having the entire front of the dress constructed. This week I will be focusing on the back and connecting the two sections together.

7. The first step for today was to pin and sew the darts on the upper back pieces. 

8. Next I did the same for the back skirt pieces. This was infinitely easier than the gathers on the front skirt piece let me tell you. 

9. Once the darts were sewn I attached the each skirt piece to their corresponding back piece. 

Helpful tip: Make sure that you have the darts lined up (check on the inside and outside) it will look really nice if the seams line up!

Doesn't that look lovely? 

10. Once the back sections were sewn together I pinned each section to the front. I made sure that the waist seams were lined up, because just like the back darts, it will look a lot better if they look like a continuous line. 

 11. Once everything was pinned in place I went to the machine and sewed it all together. Exciting right!

Next week I will be finishing everything up by sewing in the facings, attaching the sleeves and inserting the zipper!

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