Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pop of Yellow

Tights detail


What I Wore:
Shirt: Fairweather
Cardi: Clothing Swapped
Skirt: Smart Set
Tights: Walmart
Shoes: Blowfish
Belt: Ardene

I am trying to incorporate more colour into my wardrobe and it seems to be going well so far. I have been adding something to pretty much every outfit, even if it is just an accessory here or there. I got a couple belts at Ardene the other day, this yellow one being one of them. I have been looking for a yellow belt for a while and this one fit the bill. I am not sure why I was looking for yellow specifically, I guess it just seemed like it would match the other items in my wardrobe. I really like this purple and yellow combination, it is fun without being too obnoxious. I am glad I was able to incorporate these tights into this outfit too. I bought them a while ago and they didn't seem to fit with the things I was trying to pair them with. I am still having problems mixing prints and I don't always feel confident in my combinations so that could be part of the problem. I have never been a big print mixer but I feel like I could make so many more outfits if I start to do that. I own a lot of stripes and polka dots and it would be nice to be able to pair them with more than just solids, that can get so boring (and you end up wearing the same combinations over and over again). It definitely has to be something subtle if I do end up mixing them though. 

Colin and I took a trip out to Talize today. I haven't been there in a while and I have to say they have really stepped up their game. There was a much larger selection than I remember from last time, and it was organised much better too. The prices are about the same as Value Village (so a bit more than other thrift stores like Frenchys), but a lot of the proceeds go to the Children's Wish Foundation which is nice. According to the website there are only five locations in Ontario and one in B.C. I made some great finds (some more cardigans and a few dresses) which I am excited to share with you soon. I am really happy to be getting back into thrifting. I am not sure if I mentioned it before but I used to only shop at thrift stores when I was in high school but for some reason that kind of stopped when I started university. I prefer buying second hand for a number of reasons e.g. cheaper, the profits go to a good cause and not a major corporation, unique finds etc. I have been going a little thrifting crazy recently and it is time to reel it in a bit. I think I am going to make a rule that I will only buy things for the next while if they are a. a necessity, b.  on sale and c. something that I can't make myself. I need to stop buying so much fabric too, but that is harder to do since I am surrounded by it all week. There is a sale this week and I have been eyeing a few things for that, but once that I is over I should probably cut back on fabric too. I don't want to turn into a crazy consumer/hoarder haha. Usually I am pretty good about watching my consumption levels and I think that thrifting and making my own clothes is helpful too.   


  1. Here's me trying to be helpful while avoiding doing my homework (see link)!! Yay procrastination!!! Also, was the cardi from the MMC clothing swap?

    1. Haha, awesome. I think you actually sent me that link before and I have been trying to follow her advice. It was super helpful, she has some good examples. I definitely need to start small though.

      Yes it was from the MMC one. That was so much fun, I have pretty much used everything I got from it several times.