Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Comic Shoes


What I Wore:
Shirt: Jacob
Cardi: Thirfted (Talize)
Pants: Zellers
Socks: ??
Shoes: Aredene made-over by me!

Introducing my first DIY item for the blog: my shoes! I am really excited to share these with you. The step by step post for them will be coming along tomorrow is here in case anyone wants to try these puppies out for themselves. I think they turned out really well, but they're definitely not an everyday wear kind of thing (or at least not for lengthy walks). In honour of the comic shoes I decided to wear this polka dot sweater which kind of reminds me of the dots that made up the colour and printing in old comics. It has a bit of a pop art feel too which also makes me happy. Yup, if you weren't aware of it already I'm kind of a nerd. Stay tuned for tomorrow to see how my shoes came to life.  


  1. So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Super awesome.

    1. Thanks Madeline, you should try out a pair for yourself :)