Friday, 9 November 2012

Lest We Forget

Remembrance day is this Sunday and it has me thinking about the exhibit that I worked on (with my classmates) for school last year. Our focus was on Peterborough's military history and the final product is a permanent exhibit in Peterborough's City Hall. I find myself wondering if they will be doing anything that incorporates our exhibit into the Remembrance day ceremonies. I am not from Peterborough, but it was such a fascinating project to work on. I love doing research and I learned so much about what it was like for Canadians living during times of war (mainly pre-WWI, WWI, and WWII). For the first part of the project my group and I worked on researching Peterborough's involvement during WWII. For the second half we focused on finding the media for the exhibit. We found so much information and sadly it was impossible to incorporate it all into the final product, but now that there is some distance between me and it I am really pleased with how it turned out. Here are some images from the final product. 

I have been wearing the poppy my friends' made for the exhibit opening and I plan on going to the ceremony here on Sunday. My grandfather in the navy during WWII, so this subject hits close to home for me. Also as a student of history I feel it is really important for me to honour our veterans, and carry the information on to the younger generations. Lest we forget.  


  1. I totally did not see this post till now!!! Nice to see it again, and glad after a break (nice long break) you are glad with it!

    1. I think it got lost because I did two at once. Yeah, took me a while to accept it but I'm good now.