Monday, 12 November 2012

Shades of Blue

What I Wore:
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Smart Set
Cardi: Smart Set
Tights: Value Village (new)
Shoes: Ardene

I am making an attempt at adding more colour to my wardrobe. All of my clothes seem to be black and white, usually stripes or polka dots. It was becoming a bit of a problem, especially since I couldn't mix and match too many things so I am trying to break out of that comfort zone and go for more colour and different patterns. I also used to only wear black shoes (except for special occasion shoes) and I have been working on getting some different coloured shoes as well.  I just need a more varied wardrobe in general. Over the last few years I have been stuck in a clothing rut for some reason. I have wanted to dress a certain way for a long time, but for some reason I always ended up buying the same jeans and t-shirts. It's weird how you can have a taste for a certain style but get stuck wearing the same old thing all the time. Reading other blogs and starting my own blog have really helped me push my style into what I want it to be. 

I got this shirt on my thrifting trip last week and I really love it, the tie on the front is so cute. I also got these tights on that trip and I am really happy with them so far, I will have to go back and get some other colours. Value Village has a huge selection of new tights for a pretty good price. This whole outfit kind of has a 60's vibe that I am really digging. I think it is the print on the shirt and the colour of the tights that really give it that feeling. I was obsessed with the 60's when I was a teen and my love for their style has always stuck with me. I love the bright colours and bold prints that they wore, especially paisley which I used to wear a lot. Maybe I should work on building up my wardrobe with some more 60's inspired prints.