Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Boot Woes


What I Wore:
Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt:Smart Set
Cardi: Zellers
Leggings: Suzy Shier
Socks: Spring
Boots: Payless

I apologize for the poor quality photos today. We are Colin's dad's and I didn't want to schlep my camera (along with all my other stuff) on the bus to his house. I just used my phone for these, they are decent enough but still a little grainy. You can't really make out my socks, but they are black and go over my knee. I love them so much, they are nice and warm and add a little something extra to an outfit. I was trying to point at them in the first picture but you can't really tell, haha. I also love these boots, they are probably my favourite pair ever. I have had them for about six years (yikes!) and they have outlived so many other pairs. They make me feel like a ninja/assassin. The lacing at the back also reminds me of corset laces and gives them a bit of a Victorian feel. Sadly I think they have almost seen their end. The one zipper kind of buckles up now and sometimes digs into my leg and a small hole is forming where it bunches up. I need to find a replacement pair of boots before I say adieu to these ones though which is proving to be difficult. I am extremely picky about shoes. I love them, but they have to be just right in order for me to actually make a purchase. I have been eyeing these pairs on ModCloth but have yet to make a decision. 

                Bread and Buckle Boot | Mod Retro Vintage Boots |

                Chocolate Craving Boot | Mod Retro Vintage Boots |

I am also going thrifting tomorrow and I might find something good there. I am usually not so lucky with shoes as I am with other clothes though. I really miss Frenchie's, Value Village just doesn't have the same selection and the other thrift stores we have here are relatively expensive. We also have a store called Talize, but it is pretty much the same thing as Value Village. Oh the woes of thrifting in Hamilton, we used to have a much better selection. Does anyone else have as much trouble choosing footwear as I do? 


  1. Footwear is bothersome. If only they let you take them for a test drive like cars. You only really know if it's a good shoe after walking in them for a couple hours. :( Me and shoes typically do not get along.

    1. It really really is. That would be awesome, then you would know if they fit properly or not. I think you should pitch that idea to shoe companies. It makes it extra difficult that I recently got new orthotics and they are larger than my other pairs have been so I am not sure what size shoes to get anymore.