Friday, 18 January 2013

Yellow and Grey

What I Wore: 
Dress: Thrifted (Talize)
Cardi: Thrifted (Talize)
Tights: Walmart 
Belt: Ardene
Shoes: Ardene

I really like the combination of grey and yellow. I don't know what it is, maybe something to do with a more muted colour paired with something bright, but I think it looks really nice. I was wearing a brooch with this cardigan, a little white flower with two green leaves on either side, but you can't really see it in the pictures. Come to think of it I don't remember it being on the sweater when I was putting it away in my closet, I hope I didn't lose it especially since it was Colin's grandma's. I have been having really bad luck with brooches lately. I want to expand my collection, but I keep losing them. For instance, on Boxing day I was wearing this lovely silver bow brooch to my aunt's house. When I got out of the car the metal pin fell out on the ground, but the bow was nowhere to be found. I still have no idea what happened to it. This one is embarrassing, but on Monday night I went to see Les Miserables with my family, and the brooch on my coat fell off and into the toilet. Lucky it was clean and the staff were kind enough to give me some cleaning gloves so I could retrieve it. I proceeded to put it into an extra glove and sterilized the heck out of it when I got home. And now the flower one is missing, I guess I am just not meant to have a nice collection. Have any of you had any jewellery related horror stories?


  1. I have terrible luck with brooches too! A while back a friend gave me her mom's vintage brooch collection and every single one of the brooches ended up broken in a matter of months. I just use them as decoration in my bedroom now.

    1. Oh no, that sucks! At least you still have them and found a use for them still. Maybe you could get some new backs or something and try to repair them.

  2. Very cute outfit! (the cardi is thrifted, good find). And I see your finding ways to use the conservation training in everyday life adventures!! Very funny!
    Also loved the roaches-broaches miss type. Made it seem for a second this was gonna be a crazy broach-stealing-roach story!!

    1. Thanks Madeline! And yup,my education is totally coming in handy in my personal life since it isn't professionally, haha!

      Oh man, I did not notice that. There are quite a few typos, I obviously did not proof read this enough before I published it...