Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Tiger Stripes

What I Wore: 
Shirt: Smart Set
Tank top: Zellers
Cardi: Smart Set
Skirt: Smart Set
Tight: Value Village (new)
Shoes: Ardene
Belt: Reitmans

Wow, typing up the list of what I wore I just realised how many items were from Smart Set. It's weird how often I combine items into an outfit and they end up being from the same place. I didn't even purchase any of these items at the same time, how weird is that? 

This outfit is my first serious attempt at mixing patterns. It wasn't even an intentional effort, it kind of happened by mistake. I liked the grey of the shirt with the grey of the tights. The teal of the belt and cardi really make the two greys pop. Overall I think it actually worked out pretty well. The shirt has a bold pattern and the tights are more subtle so they mesh well together in my opinion. 

So far I have been keeping up with my new years goals pretty well. I have been taking outfit pictures in advance and I am liking how much time that it freeing up. I also have a "sew along" project lined up that I will post about later this week. So far so good :) 


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