Thursday, 31 January 2013

January Sew-Along Final Update

Here's the final update for the January Sew-Along! The big reveal if you like :D IF you want to see the first few posts check out the sidebar and look for the Label Sew-Along.

What I Wore:
Shirt: Made By Me (from this pattern)
Cardi: Smart Set
Jeans: Zellers
Belt: Reitmans

I wore the finished product on my day trip to the States that I took over the weekend with some friends from work. I am really pleased with how the shirt turned out. Sometimes patterns don't fit very well and you have to do some tweaking to make it work. Luckily that wasn't the case with this one. I would definitely recommend this pattern to anyone, even someone who considers themselves a novice sewer should find it relatively straight forward. It fits great and it's cute too!

Last time I left off with having the facings sewn on the front all ready for the button holes. For the last few steps you can see what I did in this picture. 

12. Once the facings were sewn in place I took out the button hole placement guide and marked off where to put the buttonholes. Then I attached the buttonhole foot to my machine and sewed them. I had sewed the buttons onto the other facing piece. I also sewed a snap at the very top (on the inside) to ensure that the bow wouldn't flop forward.

13. The last step was to add the bow! Fist I wad to sew on the knot part. First I sewed the piece into a tube (inside out) and then turned it to the right side. The piece was now a square and I sewed the top and bottom sections onto the top of the right facing. Next I did the same with the bow pattern piece as I did with the knot. I made it into a tube and the turned it right side out. I "crushed" it and slipped it through the knot opening. The last step was to slip stitch the bow to the knot so that it would stay in place. 

Ta-Da! The shirt is now all finished. I hope that you enjoyed following my work on this project. Here is a sneak peak of next month's project.

I am going to do Simplicity pattern 1777. Here is a link to the pattern online if you want to take a closer look. I have already started working on it since I will be away next week, but I will have an update ready to post next Thursday. If anyone is thinking of working along with me on this one I would love to hear about it!


  1. such an awesome print on the shirt! Unique and cute! You should start selling them :D xx

    1. Thanks! I really liked it as soon as I saw it. It also came in a dark green and a light blue. It was supposed to be a Christmas fabric, but it really doesn't scream that to me at all haha. I would sell them but you're not supposed to mass produce stuff from patterns. I could make up my own similar pattern though...

  2. It is so cute! You are talented!! Definitely start selling them.

    1. Thanks! And thank you! Maybe I should consider opening an Etsy shop or something. Maybe at some point in the future.