Friday, 23 November 2012

Giddy Up! Cowpunk Style

What I Wore:
Dress: Made par moi (Simplicity Pattern 2403)
Cardi: Thrifted
Belt: Ardene

I am so excited because yesterday my boots arrived in the mail!!! I was so giddy I practically raced down the stairs and bowled over my family when the package arrived last night. It was perfect timing really that they came the day before a blog post so I could test them out and then wear them today. I was a little worried that they wouldn't fit (for numerous reasons which I discussed here) but they do, so yay! They are a tad big, I could have gone maybe a half size down, but they will be perfect with warm socks for late fall/early winter weather. I got a ton of compliments on the boots today at work and overall I am very happy with my purchase, another ModCloth win.

Another reason I was excited for them to arrive is because I had the perfect outfit picked out as soon as I ordered them. Is that weird? I like to plan outfits around new clothing items, I am kind of odd that way.  I have to credit the "cowpunk" in my title to my friend Madeline, she coined the term. I think it describes these boots really well (a mix between riding boots and steampunk style) and it fits with my dress which has little horse heads with red bridles on it. It is really hard to tell in these pictures because the print is pretty small, but you can see a close up shot from when I was working on the dress here

I really wanted to put this post up earlier today but I was having some technical difficulties. Apparently there is a photo storage limit on blogger that I was not aware of. I reached that limit today and was attempting to figure out how I was going to continue posting if I couldn't upload images anymore. There was a momentary panic when I thought that I would have to a. delete old posts, b. move to a different platform, or c. stop blogging. Luckily I discovered that if I re-size the images I can still post them. I was uploading the files the same size that they are on my camera, which means they are huge because my Canon T1i is 15.1 megapixels. Colin is a techy an was able to find a program that will allow me to re-size my pictures quickly and that lets me keep the originals.I select all the ones I want re-sized and then it does them all at once, so I can do it a post at a time woot! This basically saved my blog, I have arisen triumphant. There will be no heart attacks in my small but loyal fanbase, haha.          


  1. Cowpunk all the way!! Very cool, and I am glad they fit. Also the dress turned out nicely, you are so talented!

    1. Woot woot! Thank you :) When I take my time at sewing I am actually pretty decent at it, haha.