Tuesday, 3 July 2012

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Huzzah! My bathing suit finally arrived today! I was a little peeved that I had to pay an extra 25$ at the post office for customs (which I was unaware of), but it fits like a dream so it was totally worth it. I will post pictures at some point, I would like to go to the beach and do some kind of 50s pinup photoshoot with a cheesy giant beach ball.

My friend an I went for a lovely walk yesterday down to Point Pleasant Park since I had the day off for Canada Day. We didn't get to go very far as we were worried it was going to start poring, but it never did. The clouds just kept hanging there ominously in the sky, but it never did more than spit a little. We still got some good pictures, and had a nice little stroll through what I like to call the giant house neighbourhood. Here are some shots that I took yesterday.

Gargoyles! This house is crazy, it looks like a castle.

Menacing sky. 

Birdies in a tree.

Even more menacing sky.

The sky was even worse today than yesterday (if that is possible) and it still hasn't rained. 

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