Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lots of Polka Dots

What I Wore: 
Shirt: Some random store in Jackson Square
Skirt: Smart Set
Shoes: Spring
Size: 14

I would just like to say that I love the new shoes I just bought from Spring. I intended to buy some sandals, and ended up with those instead. They are super cute and worked well with my outfit today.  

I am participating in The Nearsighted Owl's I'm Proud of My Size link-up again this week. Better late than never. 

You may have noticed that there was no post yesterday. That is because I did not leave the house and stayed in my jimberjams all day. I spent some time applying for jobs and doing chores, and of course relaxing. I had the day off due to working on Saturday. My photographer aka Colin was also at work until midnight, so that was another reason. This week is going to be a bit hectic because I have to travel from Wednesday to Friday for work. I will attempt to get some more posts in, but it may not happen.

A little while ago I entered a give away on Sophie's blog from a guest blogger Kirsty Helen, and I won! You should check out the giveaway, it is pretty sweet. Kirsty Helen is going to write me a poem incorporating three words that I sent to her. The words I gave her are: Costume, History, and Tome. I thought they suited me and kind of fit together. I can't wait to see what she will write!

Not much else going on around here, I will try to do some more posts this week time permitting.