Friday, 27 July 2012

Bright Tights Big City

What I Wore:
Dress: Clothing swap
Tights: Clothing swap
Shoes: Random store in Burlington Mall
Size: 14

It's time for another I'm Proud Of My Size linkup brought to you by the lovely Rachele over at The Nearsighted Owl. Reading her blog and participating in this link up has really been an inspiration for me, it has really helped me to accept and love my body the way it is. I have had a lot of body image issues since middle school, but since I started blogging I have finally started to overcome those issues. So thank you to Rachele and all the other link up participants, you have been such an inspiration to me.

This week is Pride Week in Halifax and I plan on heading out the parade tomorrow. I haven't been to one in a long time, not since at least five years ago in Toronto. I was part of the gay-straight alliance at my high school, but I am ashamed to say I haven't really been actively involved since I started university. I went to a few pride events in first year, but not much since then. I think equality for all people is a very important issue and it hits very close to home. My parents are an interracial couple and as a child I suffered some discrimination because of this. It was never dangerous or scary in anyway, but it was disappointing, it made me lose some faith in my fellow humans. I am very glad to have such an open minded family and they have helped me to see the good in others. I don't think anyone should be discriminated against for any reason, not their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I don't identify as gay, but I have several close friends who do and I have always tried to be very supportive of them. This was kind of a rambling post, but my point is I would like to continue to show my support to the LGBTQ community by going out to the parade tomorrow.


  1. Great outfit :) And also great that you are supporting communities that have been marginalized even if you don't specifically identify with them - so important to have allies!

    1. Thanks! Getting stuff from clothing swaps is the best. I think being an ally to people who need it is really important too, every person who supports them makes a difference.

  2. I love the way your purple tights stand out! Thanks for participating. You are an inspiration!

    1. Thanks! And that's funny, Colin said they looked purple too but I thought they were more pink. Maybe I am colour blind! Or they're purpley-pink...