Monday, 2 July 2012

Canada Day Weekend Adventures

What I Wore:
Dress: Zellers
Shoes: Blowfish
Headband: ??? not sure, had it for ages
Size: 14 

I am participating in the The Nearsighted Owl "I'm Proud of My Size" event again this week. If you haven't checked out her blog you should if you ever have some free time on your hands.   

This dress is great for the hot weather we have been experiencing here in Halifax. It's lightweight, but still relatively stylish. It is hard to find comfortable, attractive summer clothes. I also feel weird buying a lot of clothes for the summer since it only lasts for about two months. 

Yesterday was Canada Day, so Colin and I headed over to Alederney Landing in Dartmouth to check out one of our favourite bands Mother Mother  and see the fireworks. We were a little early for the show, so we  ended up having some ice dream and hanging out in a pub. It was soooo hot outside, there was no way we were standing in the sun for 3 hours. We had a great day just hanging out though. And as usual Mother Mother put on a great show, and we were close enough to the stage to get some good shots of them in action. If you haven't heard their stuff, I highly recommend you check them out. 

And we got to see some fireworks after, which was a nice way to wrap up the evening. 


  1. Hilariousness at "its hard buying for summer since it only lasts for two months". So true, and as a proud Canadian layers then become your best friend :P Great post, and I WISH I could have seen Mother Mother.

    1. It is so sad, but soooo true. Actually, it is not sad. I prefer fall and spring weather. Perhaps I should have put a disclaimer for any Americans reading this, there are only two ridiculously hot months. I think I have become too accustomed to layering, which is why I have a hard time with wearing only one layer in the summer. This was the second time that I have seen Mother Mother. The first time was a more intimate show, it was amazing. This was a much larger venue with more people, but it was still really good. They're on tour right now, maybe they are headed your way!

  2. I like the cut of your black dress. So many styling possibilities! I totally know what you mean about buying summer clothes. Some years I feel like I never really embrace wearing summer clothes at all. Our summers are so short too! Thanks for participating <3

    1. Thanks! I am really trying to explore styling more lately. I used to spend the whole summer wearing jeans, and now I don't know how I survived. It's still hard to get used to wearing skirts without tights and shorts though. Not being able to wear cardigans is a killer, I am addicted to cardigans. The joys of hot summer days.