Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How To Be a Fat Bitch e-course Week #5


I prefer sincere compliments over too many compliments, probably because duh, I am vain and I am hearing what I already know. What about you? Can you take a compliment? Or do you catch yourself saying the obligatory self-deprecating response?

Sometimes I am really bad at taking compliments. I like getting sincere compliments over forced ones any day, but I feel really awkward about real ones still. I don't make self-deprecating comments, but I think inside I kind of question why the person is complementing me (I am very unsure of myself) and I don't know how to react. It probably comes off as me being arrogant or rude, but in reality I am just awkward and trying to handle it in the best way. I am glad to say this happens a lot less frequently now, I used to be way worse. But since I have found more self confidence I can handle compliments way better.


Be vain and take a photo of yourself. Take a million of photos of yourself! Even if you don't post them, see what it feels like to be your own apple of your eye. Say, look at me! I am a fat bitch AND hot! Blog it, Instagram it, Tweet it (#fatbitchecourse, #nearsightedowl), etc. and share it in the comments below.

Here is a collage of all my vain activities from last week. Enjoy!

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