Tuesday, 19 March 2013

I'll Fly Away

What I Wore:
Shirt: H&M
Neckalce: Target
Cardi: Smart Set
Jeans: Zellers
Patches: c/o Vintage-Patch
Shoes: Ardene

I mentioned a while ago that I won the giveaway that was hosted by Vintage-Patch. I had been eyeing some of their products for a while and it came as a surprise when I actually won. I was sooooo excited when my patches arrived in the mail last week! I already had plans on what to do with them and I immediately went to work applying them (I will share that post later today). I love these jeans, and I have worn them a few times on here, but they were actually starting to wear out in the knees (which is weird because that's not where my pants usually begin to wear) so they were the perfect place to put my newly acquired patches. I wore these pants to work today and I got a lot of compliments on the patches. I am really happy with how they look, I am so happy that I won the giveaway, and I am very happy with my experience with Vintage-Patch. I will definitely be ordering from them at some point in the future.   


This is un-related to the patches on my pants, but it happened while I was wearing these clothes and thought I would share. As I mentioned yesterday as part of my assignment for the Fat Bitch e-course this week I am going to do outfit pictures everyday. I think this assignment came at the perfect time because I received an unpleasant comment at work yesterday and I really needed an image boost afterwards, so taking vain pictures was perfect. Someone asked me if I was pregnant yesterday at work and it made me feel a little unhappy (at first). Now this has happened before a couple times in the past, and before it made me feel gross and uncomfortable. But not today. Today my response was "No, that's just my belly." and happily patted it. After they left I started to feel kind of angry, like they had intruded a bit into my life. The person was nice about it, but still is it a stranger's business to know if I am pregnant? No! Should they be asking those kinds of personal questions in a public setting? No! Should they be asking personal questions in general? No! I think the most annoying part is that every time this has happened the person has backed up my response by saying "Good, because I thought you looked too young anyway." Excuse Me?! You don't know how old I am. I could want to be pregnant at a young age (and I am 24, which considering isn't that young. I know a few people who are married and have kids already). And even if it was unplanned, you just don't say that. What if I wanted to get pregnant and couldn't, or I had a miscarriage and you just brought up painful memories? It's just inappropriate  It's my body and my business. And even after that I love my body. I love my round stomach, and a few un-wanted pregnancy comments can't make me hate it. I am fat and I am beautiful and those two things can be synonymous.


  1. Ahhhhh your patched jeans!! So unbelievable adorable!!! I had never heard of Vintage-Patch but I think I am in love.

    Also, I wholeheartedly agree: you ARE beautiful, and I don't think it's EVER ok to ask anyone if they're pregnant. One of my good friends just had a baby, and even when she was ready to pop and very obviously preggers it was still so intrusive when anyone commented on it!

    1. Thank you! Isn't their site great, I pretty much want to buy everything on there.

      Well thank you. And it really just isn't right. Even if I knew the person I would never ask them, they would have to tell me. At least they didn't rub my stomach or something. THey probably did that to your friend a lot, which would be so annoying and invasive. Guh.

  2. Love the patches, they look great!

    I love patting my belly when someone is giving me a look, or about to say something. Yep, I'm fat, I'm happy and I'm beautiful, so get over it! It so sucks that people think they have the right to intrude in to your life like that. How would they feel if you went up and said 'oh, is that a new wrinkle on your face'. Even if you are pregnant, what business is it of theirs??

    1. Thanks!

      I should give that a try if it happens again! Make them feel weird about staring. I have learned that people can be very rude, especially if you are in customer service. Well,maybe not rude, but definitely ignorant. And you are so right, I bet they wouldn't like it if I asked about their wrinkles or how old they were. It's my body, my business and that's the point. It works both ways people!