Monday, 11 March 2013

DIY Sailboat Button Broach

1. Step one: assemble supplies! I used from top clockwise: lace, scrap fabric, scissors, chalk pen, button, brooch back, stick-on brooch pin, needle and thread, straight pins, a hot glue gun (not pictured). Optional:  my no mark cutting board.    

2. Measure out how much lace you want and cut it into strips. I figured out that it would take 6 pieces to achieve the look I wanted.

3. Pin all of the lace pieces together. You might need to play with it to get the right shape.

4. Once you are satisfied with everything sew the pieces together by hand. 

5. Measure out the length of your lace pieces, this will be important in the next step.

6. Take your scrap fabric and draw out a rounded triangular shape. I used the measurement from step 5 to figure out how tall to make them. 

7. Cut out your little triangles. I was super lazy and cut them all out at once, which made the shape a little uneven but I decided I liked it that way and left them as is.

8. Position and pin the triangles to the lace. 

9. Hand sew the triangles to the lace section making sure they are secure. 

10. Cut out a small square to cover the center. My button was kind of small so it didn't cover up the stitching when I tested the placement so I decided to add in this detail.  

11. Sew on your button and square at the same time. 

12. Using the hot glue gun attach the lace and fabric section to the metal back. Stick on the  the brooch pin.

13. Wear your brooch and enjoy!!!!

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