Friday, 28 September 2012

Why So Fancy?

What I Wore:
Dress: H&M
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Spring
Belt: Xcetera
Necklace: Convention booth

I realized as I was uploading these images that I wore something with heart prints on Wednesday too. It's a bit weird since I only own two items with that print, and I just wore them (almost) back to back! I just really wanted to wear these tights since I just got them and I usually want to wear new purchases immediately. Oh well, live and learn. This is probably one of my favourite outfits since I started this blog. I can already feel/see my style evolving as the months pass. I have become more adventurous in my choices. I used to feel weird dressing up sometimes, I think that is a product of living in Hamilton. The people are mostly pretty grubby here, and they look at you funny if you are dressed nicely. Even my family does it sometimes, if I am wearing something a little fancy my mum always asks "Are you planning on going somewhere?" I find it really weird actually. Can't a person dress up just for themselves? Just to express themselves? People used to dress nicely all the time. up until the late 60s it was kind of expected of you to be presentable. Then society changed, and there was a more individualized style movement. It was great for a while, but I think somewhere along the way it/we got lost and ended up with people wearing sweatpants and leggings all the time. Don't get me wrong, there are still people out there who have a great sense of style, but they are often few and far between. As of late though I haven't really minded  the comments so much and have started to wear whatever I feel like wearing that day. I feel kind of liberated in a way.

I spent most of this week trying to hunt down some new shoes. I have been dying for a pair of saddle shoes for about a year now. Something like these ones would be perfect.

I really want saddle shoes.
I also really want some oxford style wedges. 

Apparently both of these things are impossible to find in this city and I might have to turn to the internet to satisfy my desires. I dislike buying clothing and shoes online since I can't try them on. My feet are hard to fit, and I wear orthotics (I have terrible feet, guh) so that makes it extra difficult. That's another thing, this city has a really poor selection of thrift stores and it makes me sad. I miss going to Frenchies in Nova Scotia. I might have to go to Toronto once I have some monies to get my thrifting fix. 

A quick bunny update, Luna seems to be doing a bit better and absolutely loves her medicine now so yay! There is really nothing else going on around here. If anyone can suggest some good online shoe places it would be greatly appreciated.   


  1. So very true, why can someone not put a little effort into themselves without being questioned. All I can remember is the ladies during WWII who drew the nylon lines on their legs when people now can't even bother to put on pants (I am thinking of the infamous pj's to school trend). But isn't dressing nicely a way to encourage others to respect themselves (which I feel is reflected in the effort someone puts into themselves to feel great)? You're really upping the anti the Hamilton, maybe even starting a trend!

    As for shoe shopping, I am sure you have checked out Spring but they are fairly cheap AND positively have those styles. Also, some research and the final verdict is that they are in Hamilton!!

    Ps. Love the dress and tights. Check Modcloth, they always have GREAT tights.

    1. I love how in WWII there was a campaign directed to women dressing nicely to support the war effort. That time period is so fascinating. I agree, it really is a form of respect in my opinion too. No one wants to look at you wearing your pjs and UGGs. There has been a slight improvement in the city in the last few years, but most of the people are hipsters, haha.

      I know Spring had some like that a month or so ago, but they seem to be all gone now (on the site and the store). I did find one pair of oxford types on there that I am contemplating getting. They're brown, shocking!

      Thanks! I love looking at things on ModCloth, but I hate having to pay the shipping and the customs fee, yuck. Might be okay if it's just tights though.