Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Hearts Required

What I Wore:
Shirt: Giant Tiger (I think???)
Sweater Vest: Suzy Shier
Pants: Mark's Work Warehouse
Shoes: Clothing Swapped
Ring: Sweet Sixteen gift (family tradition)
Size: 14

Yay it's link up time again! I kind of feel like a dapper 1940s gentleman in this outfit. I feel like I should swagger everywhere and talk like Jimmy Stewart. I think it's the pants that make it, the pleats in the front just scream men's trousers to me, I love it. There is something so classic about men's fashion from that era, I like to try and recreate it now and then. I am a fan of ladies of all sizes wearing "men's" clothes, it always looks classy. I tried to find some images of a range of sizes sporting this look, but unfortunately the internet was not very accommodating. Where are all the dapper ladies at?

This week has been kind of rough. Luna has been experiencing a messy bottom as of late and I was starting to get concerned. We thought it might have been because she was shedding, but it kept happening on and off even after the shedding calmed down so we decided to call in a vet. We had a home visit today, and it sounds like she is going to be okay. I have to give her some medicine in a syringe twice a day, it is meant to replenish the nutrients in her stomach. I attempted to give her some earlier today and she didn't seem to like it much even though the vet assured me rabbits love it because it is strawberry flavoured. I am hoping she was just frazzled from being poked at by a stranger and once she has hopped around a bit tonight she will ease up. It is no fun having a sick pet, it has been a stressful experience. I was happy to hear that otherwise she is healthy so fingers crossed that the medicine works and things go back to normal soon. 

Kind of a depressing post, but I felt the need to share what has been going on around here lately. Some (hopefully) good news will be coming next week, so stay tuned for that. 

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