Wednesday, 16 October 2013

When Leaves Turn Colour They Get Together

What I Wore:
Dress: Old Navy
Tights: Target
Shoes: Ardene
Cardi: Thrifted
Belt: Bealls
Hairpiece: Inky Bits Collective

Ever since the leaves started changing colour I have been dying to do an outfit shoot outside but there just hasn't been any time. Between working two jobs, apartment hunting, and doing a sample garment for work things have been pretty crazy. Luckily Monday was Thanksgiving Day and I had the day off of work. After having a Thanksgiving lunch with Colin's family, I was able to head over to the park by our place and take some pictures. The weather was beautiful and the lighting was perfect, it was the best time to take these pictures. There was also no one in the park which was really nice. I haven't done a lot of outdoor shoots in public places like this and I am always nervous of people staring at me or getting in the way. I would feel super awkward answering questions about what the heck I was doing. I was also by myself which made it extra weird. It might not have looked so strange to prying eyes if another person was taking the pictures, I worry about weird things. Luckily not a soul was there and it couldn't have been quieter or more peaceful.

Here's a beautiful live version of one of my favourite fall themed songs, "Autumn's Here" by Hawksley Workman. In case you were wondering I took the title for this post from this song.

P.S. I wanted to say that since things are going to be crazy for a while in my personal life I am still going to try and post regularly on here, but it might not always be possible. I love blogging and sharing things on here, but sometimes life gets in the way. So don't fret if I don't get things up all the time, I will do my best to at least post once a week.


  1. We don't have much changing going on still... Though I'm sure it will drastically change soon. I am dying to get out and take photos!

    -Chrissy of

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  2. Fall is definitely a great time for photography! Hopefully you will get a chance to get some good shots soon :)

  3. These photos are so much fun! You have a lot of leaves on the ground already too! I can't wait to play in some here!



  4. Thanks Jamie! Yup, there sure are leaves everywhere right now. I love the crunching sound they make under my feet when I walk. Although they can get a little slippery if it rains. Hopefully you get some leaves falling soon!