Thursday, 3 October 2013

September Thrift Haul Link-Up

As promised in yesterday's post I finally got around to photographing my thrifting haul from September. I didn't take a picture of the item I got for that costume party because it is a surprise, but hopefully I will get some good pictures day of. Here's what I can show you ( this haul also includes the awesomely weird bird shirt from yesterday's post):

 A great cropped polka dot sweater. I have found that I really like cropped sweaters vs normal cardigans because the normal ones tend to be super long and look weird with most of my dresses.

 I love the collar on the cardigan. I also discovered when I went to was all this stuff that it was a silk cashmere blend! The things you find in thrift stores.

Now this dress is a little way more low-cut then I wold normally go for, but I couldn't resist the print. Plus it has pockets! I thin I might turn it into a pinafore at some point in the future. 

I realized after I started typing this up that I forgot to photograph one of the items I got. To be honest I was too lazy to go back and set that all up again so I will just tell you that it's a coral 3/4 length t-shirt with a blue anchor on the front. I am sure I will wear it on here eventually. Oddly enough the blue in the anchor really matches those ASOS pants too. I will encourage you again to check out Brooke's blog and maybe participate in this challenge too! 

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