Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Red Coffee Pot

What I Wore:
Dress: Made by me
Sweater: Zellers
Tights: H&M
Shoes: Blowfish 

I also wore this outfit last week during the crazy sale days at work. A lot of customers commented on my dress (although they thought it was a skirt) and said they really liked it. I thought was kind of appropriate considering the discussion from the Fat Bitch e-course last week. It's nice when people like something that I have made, it gives me a satisfied feeling. This dress amuses me. The print shows a lady making coffee in the morning and waking up her husband(?) with some coffee. But there there are there two random people and one guy sleeping in a chair? I am not really sure what is going on but it is pretty amusing anyway. 

Yesterday I worked a few hours at a local theatre. It was a nice change from standing all day that's for sure. I mostly worked on rigging things for quick changes and some other minor jobs, but it was fun. I get to go back on Thursday and am really looking forward to it. I did a co-op there when I was in high school and it is nice to be able to catch up with the employees and get back into the theatre world. There's not much else going on this week which is good because as you probably noticed from the lack of posts I got really behind on things last week. It didn't feel good to be so unorganized and out of the loop, and I am glad that things are getting back to normal this week.       


  1. Duuuude! That fabric is fantastic! I also have a comic book print dress (which unfortunately I didn't make) whose frames don't make any sense at all, haha. But you get the idea of it..

    1. Isn't it awesome! Comic print is the best. Especially ones that make no sense. I also like newspaper print, but unfortunately I own nothing with that print on it.