Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Picture Preview

What I Wore:
Shirt: Mall?
Sweater: Smart Set 
Skirt: Zellers (app. 10 years ago)
Shoes: Blowfish

I kind of feel like a 50's housewife in this skirt, I often wish it was a full dress just to complete the look.It also involves a lot more colour and pattern than I usually wear, which is good because I need to branch out from wearing just black and white. I really wish I had a wider selection of footwear, but I had to leave a lot of my shoes at my parent's house when we moved out for the summer.This makes me sad and makes for a rather boring selection of shoe shots for which I apologize. I am looking to purchase at least one new pair of shoes soon so stay tuned. 

Today was a very looooong day. I had to get up at 6am and be at work early, then take a two hour road trip for a site visit. This was the first official photography visit and I think it went really well considering it was a dry run. After a day of shooting we hopped in the car for another two hour ride back to the fax.

Then I found out that the tickets for the preview of Moonrise Kingdom were legit, so Colin and I dashed off to the theatre and got there just in time. The place was packed and we had to sit in the front row of the upper section. It was totally worth it though, what a great movie. Very cute and original storyline. Also a stellar soundtrack and cast. Usually I have issues with child actors, but I have no qualms with the kids in this film. Very enjoyable, I would highly recommend it to everyone. I am really glad it turned out to be a real thing as we had a very enjoyable evening, rounding off a great day.   

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