Monday, 4 June 2012

Point Pleasant Adventure

On the weekend Colin and I took a trip down the street to the fabled Point Pleasant Park. Surprisingly, when we lived here before we never got a chance to explore too much and I felt it was high time for an adventure. I took a lot of shots while we walked down the street and some great ones (in my opinion at least) of inside the park. Let me share a few from the day with you.

Cool house at the entrance to the park.
The utility shed which is an awesome colour.

Entrance to one of the many military batteries still in the park.

An old fire hydrant courtesy of Monsieur Colin 

Memorial to men and women who have fallen serving our country in the navy in peacetime. 
And that concludes our trip around the park. I definitely plan on going back at some point as we did not get to see all of the historical sites during this visit (it is quite large!). We had such a good time I am going to seek out other fun and free things to do in this city for the summer. Perhaps a trip to the Public Gardens is in order. Stay tuned! Or don''s up to you really, haha.

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