Monday, 5 August 2013

Steamer Dreams

What I Wore:
Cardi: Suzy Shier
Skirt: Thirfted (Out of the Past)
Shoes: c/o B.A.I.T via Cut Out + Keep
Necklace: DIY from Redgate Stitchery (see this post for a close up)

Even with the super bad lens flare I really love the first few of pictures. I really need to get a hood for my lens to prevent those kinds of things from happening. My photography kit is a little lacking, I am very slowly adding things to it (by slowly I mean I have had my camera for three years and just recently got a tripod, so sad). By the time I have all the pieces I will need to buy a new camera body haha! I use a Canon T1i that I actually was able to purchase because I won a gift card for Best Buy from an old job. I love that camera, it definitely gets the job done. I also really love the necklace I am wearing in these pictures. I bought the kit to make it at the Creative Festival in April. I had never done cross stitching so I wanted to start out on something simple. It was so fun making this (although a little confusing reading the pattern at first since I had no idea what I was doing) I definitely want to do some more cross stitching in the future.

Today is going to be awesome because not only is it a holiday but Talize is having a 50% off sale! I have to rush over there and buy all the things! I am really hoping to get a vegetable steamer if possible, those suckers are hard to find. They make cooking broccoli so easy and are also great for making steamed buns and these Chinese sausages that Colin loves. Fingers crossed that I find one there today. What a rambly post. Anyone else have plans for the Civic Holiday?


  1. I loved your blog, and your outfits! They're vey inspiring! I live in Brazil and I wished that we had great clothes for all sizes, such as in the US and in Europe, because it is not very affordable to buy from an international store. Our "plus size" stores sometimes only have saggy, not fashionable clothes. Here in Brazil, I think the market is evolving, but clothes in larger sizes are still very expensive and, sometimes, they don't look cool at all!

    Still, I hope things will change in the future.

  2. Thank you! I live in Canada and it is sometimes hard to find good plus size stuff even here. If I want anything really great I have to order from the US and that is considered international for us so it can get very expensive. I have a lot more luck making my own clothes or buying at thrift stores. I am glad that things seem to be changing for the better with a lot of body positive movements going on and people being more outspoken about it. Here's hoping that we keep moving in the right direction!

  3. Cute outfit...and your new hair cut is adorable!

  4. Thanks Kym! how are your dreads coming along?

  5. They are coming along well. I am due to post about them soon, I've had them for about a month now. My hair is very messy and I have to work at keeping them separated, but other than that it is easy. Thanks for asking!

  6. Awesome! I am excited to see them :)

  7. Ok, first, I LOVE the hair. I keep cutting mine shorter, and shorter, but its much curlier than yours, so it hard to find a nice style that suits it.

    Second, I love the pictures. Will you take pictures of me one day? Blog link-up of the century.

    Third, you are a cool great, chickie. I just had to say that.


  8. Thanks Stephanie! Yeah, you have more ringlets than I do. May hair was like that when I was little but by the time I was 10 it was more wavy with a few random giant curls. Silly hair. Yes yes we must do a cross over soon! You are a cool great chickie too lol!