Saturday, 28 June 2014

Ravenclaw Perfect Prefect

What I Wore:
Shirt: Target
Necktie: Clothing Swapped
Brooch: Universal Studios
Pants: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Ardene

Sorry for the crappy picture quality. I decided to test out taking pictures in our room again and the lighting in there is just terrible. I really prefer outdoor shoots but it is not always possible. Speaking of which, that is why I have not posted in a while either. My schedule has been insane again and I have had no free time to take outfit pictures or blog. I have barley had time to keep our apartment respectable (it wasn't for at least a week hahaha *embarrassed*) let alone go on the internet. Between working both jobs, making costumes for one, and making a dress for someone else and my Etsy shop there has been little relaxation time. Next month should be a little bit slower and I am taking some time off for our anniversary next week and then again in August to go up to my Aunt's cottage like we do every summer. I am excited for the cottage because I ordered some fatkini bottoms from ModCloth and now I just need to find some time to make the top section so I can wow everyone on the beach. I copied this awesome vintage bra top pattern from a friend and I want to make all the bra tops. All! 

In other news I finally made a Pottermore account and took the house placement test. I was always certain I would either be in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, and it's official now I am a Ravenclaw. I am pleased by this. The description of the people who get placed in that house on the site made me laugh and was really quite apt. My favourite part was when it talked about how they let people in that house dress however they want and that they are often labelled as eccentrics. Luna Lovegood was always my favourite character in the series too, so I am feeling pleased with myself. In honour of taking the test Ia m posting my Ravenclaw themed outfit. I actually wore this yesterday and took the test today but *shhhh* no one needs to know. I am in love with how this look turned out even if the pictures are crappy. Conclusions: I am a nerd, I love Harry Potter, I still need to wear more lady ties.  

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  1. Lady ties are life. Well really, ties in general. You look super cute Ms. Ravenclaw. :P