Saturday, 31 May 2014

Costume Con 32

As I promised I am finally sharing the pictures from Costume Con 32, only a month after it happened. That's not so bad, right? Right? I am warning you this is going to be an image heavy post but it is going to be totally worth it.

Day 1 (Single Pattern Competition)

Day 2 (Sci-Fi and Fantasy Masquerade)

This group "A Clockwork Circus" won best in show for this masquerade

Day 3 (Around the Con and Historical Masquerade)

This was from the sci-fi masquerade but I didn't get good pictures of this group

"Miss Oz Pageant" this group won best in show for the historical masquerade

The figures on her hair piece actually rotated!


  1. I really love the transformer guy. looks like you guys had lots of fun; wish I went too.

  2. Actually that was a lady! She was a delorian transformer! It was pretty fun, we all have to go in three years!