Friday, 8 November 2013

Moving Out And Up

What I Wore:
Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Suzy Shier
Socks: ??
Boots: ModCloth

I return after another brief hiatus with excellent news! After much hunting and some unpleasantness, Colin and I have found an apartment! We applied earlier this week and found out yesterday that we have been approved! We are going to sign the lease tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. The apartment is on the top floor of an old Victorian house close to the downtown core. It is in a great location, in between each of our respective sets of jobs, and a little more unique than your standard apartment building. I was really hoping that we would find something that suited us (and our pocketbooks) since this is our first real place together. I mean we lived in an apartment in Halifax, but this seems different somehow. We probably won't be moving in right on Dec. 1st because someone still lives there until the end of the month and the landlady wants to do some minor repairs before we move in. We will most likely move in the following weekend if everything works out, we'll find out tomorrow when we go to talk to her. I am super excited and can't wait to do some decorating and homey type stuff.

I am also excited to break out these boots again! They have been biding their time in my closet since spring, but now it is their time to shine. If you have been around here for a while you might know that I am hard on shoes and it's hard for me to find shoes that fit/last, so I am really happy to be able to bring these into their second winter season. Not that it's winter here yet, but it's coming, oh it's coming. Late fall is as good a time as any to start breaking them in again.


  1. YAY! So glad you were able to find a place, thats so exciting! Also, those boots rock!

  2. What a fun place to move to! An old house sounds so romantic!



  3. We are super excited! Now we get to deal with packing and scheduling the move and internet and power etc. but I can't wait until we are all settled in!

  4. It really is quite beautiful. I can't wait to share some pictures once we are settled.