Monday, 25 November 2013

Cat Glasses Sweater Re-Vamp

 A few weeks ago Talize had a 50% off sale that unfortunately I couldn't go to because I had to work.
Luckily my sister got me this awesome sweater and a few other things.

 Once I had the sweater in my hot little hands I noticed that it was missing a few buttons. 

 Sad face.

 Then I had a brilliant idea. 

 I have a ridiculous number of buttons in my stash, I was certain I could find a good set to use, and I was right. I bought these awesome cat glasses buttons at Nova in the summer but I didn't have any use for them until now.

 First I removed all of the old buttons except for the top one. I only had six buttons and the sweater required seven, so I decided to leave the top one on. 

 Then I sewed on the new buttons using some buttonhole twist/cobain thread. It's heavy thread that tends to hold up better than the regular stuff does. I find that buttons are always the first thing to fall off, so I make sure I secure them really well.

 And easy peasy lemon squeezy, I have a new awesome sweater that is ready to wear! 

In case you were wondering why the last picture is only a torso shot, I was too lazy too take a proper outfit picture because the camera was set up to photograph my judy (mannequin). Yup, that's how I roll.

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