Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CreativFestival Spring 2013

Here are some pictures from the CreativFestival, as promised. I have outfit pictures from that day too but I figured that would be way too many pictures in one post so I am going to share these first. The outfit pictures will come later, possibly today maybe tomorrow depending on time.  

8am Bright and early start.

 This is amazing.

 Front View

This sign made me laugh, I haven't seen Baby Bolts before, they were cute. 

Very cool quilt. There were a lot of quilts.

Look at that embroidery!

Free cupcakes from a radio station.

Delicious veggie panini and kettle chips for lunch. 

Heehee, Hooker Alley. This booth was awesome. 

A bike covered in crochet. I told you it was awesome!

 Crochet hot air balloon. 

This looks like something out of Labyrinth.

My haul from the show. The CD was from a seminar on working with stretch wear. That fabric was so cool I couldn't resist. The cross stitch necklace kit was also neat. I have made it already and it was really fun, I think I might get into cross stitching. 


  1. I think you died and went to craft heaven!

    1. I pretty much did! I didn't even take any pictures of all the booths selling things, there were soooo many. There was this one that had a ridiculous number of books on quilting, crotchet, knitting, sewing, fashion you name it they had it. And there were notion booths and pattern booths and fabric, guh it was great. I will have to go again in the fall.

  2. I love this! Wonderful festival and so many beautiful things! I want those cupcakes right now.... :)

    1. It was a lot of fun, a feast for the eyes. Sadly the cupcakes had way too much icing, but the chocolate bit was tasty!