Saturday, 8 December 2012

Red is Best

What I Wore: 
Shirt: Jacob
Cardi: Smart Set
Skirt: Smart Set
Tights: Old Navy
Shoes: Spring
Hair bow: Shoppers Drug Mart 

These tights made me think of this book that I had as a kid called Red is Best. The little girl in the book insists that everything red is better than anything in other colours. That book was one of my favourites, which is funny because red wasn't really a favourite colour of mine as a kid. It is quickly becoming a favourite though, which is why I thought that title fit with this post. I like how the colour of the tights matches the lipstick of the ladies on my shirt (which you can't really see, so you will have to take my word on it). 

I had a pretty jam packed day today. I did some Christmas shopping (almost done!) and then I had a dentist appointment before I went to work. The pieces I am making are slowly coming together, but I really have to buckle down over the next week if I want to get everything done in time. I may have bitten off more than  I can chew making so many of my presents (I wasn't expecting to make any when I at first), but I really enjoy it. Somehow presents seem a little bit more heartfelt when the extra step was taken to construct them. Plus I enjoy thinking up things to make for people, and I like the creativity that comes with construction. Maybe next year I will attempt to do an entirely hand made Christmas! 

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