Thursday, 27 March 2014

60s Minx

What I Wore:
Shirt: Clothing Swap
Cardi: Thrifted
Skirt: Made by me (no pattern)
Tights: ???
Boots: ModCloth

I wore this outfit ages ago in January when I went out to dinner with my parents. I am playing catch up right now going through all the outfit pictures I took but never actually posted. I'm glad that I actually took pictures of a lot of them thought because I felt great in most of them. People take clothing for granted and call it superficial but a great outfit really can make you feel amazing. I really like the image on this shirt, the lady looks kind of 60s to me and I love the ears. I kind of stopped wearing graphic tees a few years ago, and I debated taking this one from the swap, but I am glad I decided to. IT's fun, and I don't have that many green clothes so I think it was a good choice. I also don't have too much that goes with this sweater (it has a collar, most of my shirts have collars and I feel weird wearing a shirt with a collar AND a sweater with a collar) and this shirt matches really well so it was doubly a good choice. 

I survived March Break week at the museum. I smelled like smoke (or bacon as the gift shop patrons insisted) for like a week afterwards, but it was a lot of fun. Not much else going on. How are you? 

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