Saturday, 18 August 2012

C'est Fini

What I Wore:
Cardi ~ thrifted
Dress ~ Zellers
Belt ~ from a shirt
Shoes ~ Spring 
Necklace ~ Zellers

First can I just say how nice it was to be able to wear a cardigan for some of the day yesterday, the heat is finally breaking!

It was the last day of my internship yesterday. It still feels a little surreal to be done and getting ready to head back home on Monday isn't helping. It was a good last day though. I finalized some of the work that I have been doing there, printed out my research report for the site to have a copy of, wrote a goodbye blog post for my supervisor (which I will link to on here once it is up), and had a lovely lunch at Gingergrass on Barrington. The ladies got me this lovely broach:

I particularly enjoy the instructions on how to wear it on the back. It's super weird to be done, it feels like I have been working up to this moment for a really long time. I have wanted to do this program since my third year of university and now I have and it's over. Back then I was really looking forward to doing my internship at the Fashion Museum  in Bath. Obviously that didn't work out for a number of reasons. To be honest I am glad that I ended up back in Nova Scotia instead. My placement was really amazing, and I still got to work with textile pieces which is my dream. I think it worked out for the best and maybe at some point in the future I can move to Bath and work at the museum there. 

After work Colin and I headed over to the Museum of Natural History for a special screening of Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog and Serenity. It was put on by the Halifax chapter of Can't Stop the Serenity , and most of the proceeds go to this great charity called Equality now. There was popcorn, a silent auction, an evil laugh contest, and good times to be had by all. It was really fun and I even won some free swag (I also won some chocolate which is not pictured, I forgot to include it). 

The Guild comic also has a Buffy one in it. Overall it was a great last day of work and last Friday in Halifax. 

Colin and I are leaving on Monday, so I may be on a bit of a hiatus until we get home and get organised. We are planning on going to see Shakespeare By The Sea tonight, so if it doesn't get rained out I might have one more post this weekend and then none for a little while. 


  1. So glad you had a great last day Hope, it all went by soo fast!!

    1. How was your last day? It really was a whirlwind. We should try to hang out when I get back home.

  2. you look so cute and happy! i'm in love with those shoes!

    1. Thank you! It was a good day. Thanks, I think those shoes were a good find, I am picky about footwear.

    2. Also, great name! I love Cat Stevens :D