Tuesday 19 March 2013

Vintage Patch Chronicles

How I Applied My Patches from Vintage-Patch:

Step One: I received my patches in the mail. 

 There was even a lovely congratulatory letter!

Step Two: I marked out where my patches would go (while wearing my pants). 

Step Three: I adjusted the placement of the patches on my pants and marked it out with pins. 

Step Four: I ironed on each patch, placing a damp tea towel over them and holding the iron down for about ten seconds on each spot. *Edit* for anyone concerned about the patches looking slightly puckered after ironing with the damp cloth, don't worry, just iron over them with a dry iron once to get the smooth finish back.

Step Five: I let the patches sit for a while so they could set properly. 

 Step Six: I did a lovely blanket stitch around the edge to further secure them and ensure longevity.

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