Friday, 6 July 2012

Too Hot To Trot (Seriously)

What I Wore:
Shirt: Smart Set
Vest: Gift from my grandma
Pants: Zellers
Shoes: Spring
Hair bow: Forever 21 

Seriously it was just too hot to trot today. The weather network lied to me. It said it was supposed to be cooler today (20 degrees) and raining. I chose to wear pants. That was a poor choice. It also gets ridiculously hot in the office since there is no air conditioning. The humidity is also making my hair really giant, an added bonus of the warm weather. Anyway, we trucked through it and I have learned to just assume it is going to be hot from now until September. 

I have to work tomorrow, which kind of sucks since it is Saturday and Colin and my 5 year anniversary, but it couldn't be avoided. At least we won't be in the office again, maybe they will have air conditioning where we're going.  I also get Monday off in lieu, so it kind of works out. Colin and I are still planning on doing a fancy dinner somewhere afterwards too. Not sure where we will go yet, we can't decided between a few old favourites or trying something new. Hopefully whatever we choose is delicious.  

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