Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bitter Sweet

What I Wore:
Shirt: Random store in Jackson Square Mall
Tank: Suzy Shier
Pants: Thrifted
Shoes: Spring
Size: 14

It will be I Am Proud Of My Size link up time again tomorrow so I am adding in a link at the bottom of this post to the lovely Rachele's blog. I am so happy to be a part of this link up still and hope that it continues for a long time. I am excited to have a new venue for outfit pictures, I love these stairs. This shirt used to have sparkles on it (on the bow) and is now looking a little sad without them, but I still love it. I am totally rambling now, so onto the meat and potatoes of this post.    

After a 33 hour trip Colin and I made it "home" (to my parent's house) last night. Generally speaking the trip went pretty well. We had a bit of a rocky start when the taxi we called refused to take us to the train station because of the rabbit. It was a very weird dismissal, he didn't say he was allergic or that he didn't want pets in his car (which are both understandable things), he just said no. We asked if he could call us another taxi since we were on a schedule but he refused and drove away. It was really weird. Luckily we had allowed extra time for incidents like that and made it to the station with plenty of time to spare. For once our luggage was not overweight and we did not have to do the embarrassing clothing shuffling (it is always my clothes bag that is over). We got our bags all organised and the rabbit shipped off onto the train and then hung around until boarding time. The trip went smoothly until we transferred trains in Montreal and this woman got on board with her two small children. She spent the entire trip from Montreal to just outside of Toronto on the phone. Her children kept wanting to ask her questions and she would yell at them and tell them to shut up. It was really upsetting. The attendant came by to check their tickets and she hadn't paid for her kids. They are free under a certain age, but it is debatable whether they should have been free or not. The attendant seemed uncertain, but the woman was still on her phone and being irritable so the attendant just let it be. Then as they were disembarking this older gentleman was waiting for the train to come to a full stop before moving towards the exit. The woman got really mad and yelled at him for being in the way of them getting off. It was so rude. People like that should not have kids, everyone on our car was really upset by it and someone mentioned the whole situation to the attendant afterwards. Not sure what could be done about it, but it was hard to watch that and not say something. Those poor kids. Transferring our luggage from the train to the bus in Toronto was also an ordeal. They don't have luggage trollies and it took 6 trips in total, with a kind attendant watching our bags at the ticket counter. I am just so glad it is over. 

It feels a little surreal to be home, like we never really left. There are definitely pros and cons to living in either Halifax of Hamilton. Halifax is so clean and fresh, and really a beautiful city. We have a lot of friends there and there is always something to do. Unfortunately there are no jobs there right now and it is really expensive to live there. I am going to miss all our peeps in Halifax but moving home was the only option right now. In Hamilton we can live my parents rent free and of course we have family and friends here. Sadly there aren't really any jobs here either, and it would be nice to have our own apartment. I just hope that we find work soon and can relax a little.  

Today was devoted to running errands, we had to get some groceries and food for Luna. The rest of the week will be spent job hunting. At least now that we are in the city it will be easier to go into places like the mall and elsewhere to apply for jobs in person. I always preferred that to online applications. Anyone who has been reading this regularly probably guessed that I did not get that job I had the phone interview for. Some other classmates of mine did though, and I am really pleased for them. It is looking like I will not be getting a heritage job right out of school, which is unfortunately to be expected in the market right now. Luckily I have some other skills and will be mostly looking for sewing or retail jobs to start out with. 

As promised here is the link to the farewell blog I wrote for work. If you are at all interested in seeing some of the stuff I photographed over the summer I would recommend you check it out. That concludes this ridiculously long post.  

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