Monday, 1 April 2013

Weekend Walk

What I Wore:
Dress: Old Navy
Cardi: Thrifted (Value Village)
Tights: Ardene
Shoes: Payless

My family doesn't really celebrate Easter, but on holiday weekends we like to go out and take a walk together. This time we headed out to the Arboretum, which is part of the Royal Botanical Gardens. There are some really nice trails to walk and some of nice scenery to look at. Unfortunately it was kind of a grey and mucky day (which especially sucks since the day before was beautiful and sunny), but it was still a nice temperature and it wasn't raining so it was fine for walking. The trails were practically deserted too so we didn't have to worry about our crazy dog barking at people. She's not really crazy, just wary of strangers. She was abused by her previous owner so she is kind of funny around people sometimes. Luckily she took to use right away and have never had any problems with her. She liked Colin right away too which is good. Anyway, we had a really nice walk and I thought I would share some of the pictures from the day. I didn't bring my proper camera (didn't think too, whoops),but my phone does pretty decently outside and I think they turned out pretty well. Enjoy!

The sun came out near the end of our walk and it was really beautiful. I also drove us to the trails, which is pretty exciting. I am getting to be a decent driver. I need to work on parking a bit more and checking my mirrors frequently, but I have improved a lot since I really started practicing in the late fall. Hopefully by summer I will be ready to take my road test, but we'll see. It's not a race, haha!

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