Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Saying Farewell To A Drooly Cat

Colin and I have lost another member of our little family. Monday at around 12pm we said goodbye to our lovely kitty Sable. It was sudden and unexpected and we already miss her so much.

Our family Christmas portrait.

She was only a part of my life for a few short years, but she had been Colin's cat since she was a kitten. Him and his dad got her at a shelter when Colin was about 9 years old. I never met her as a young cat, but apparently she was quite the menace. If she was fed catnip she would run up and down the stairs in the house for hours. In the blink of an eye she would  run from the back door, through the kitchen, pick up a pillow and throw it in the air and run up two flights of stairs before the pillow dropped to the ground. Colin says that might have been his childhood imagination playing tricks on him, but that's how he remembers it. She also used to run along the back of the couch at full speed, not the top, the actual back of the couch. She loved to go outside and chase birds and hang out with other cats. I had never met a cat who drooled until I met Sable. It was a strange but endearing trait.

A lovely photo of Sable drooling while our friends were babysitting her.

Colin and I kind of inherited her when his dad moved out west last summer. We brought her with us when we moved, and I never regretted keeping her for one second. She was calm and gentle and loved to get her ears scritched. For a long time we though she was about 14, pretty old for a cat, but we found out from the vet that she was actually about 16 years old.

It's always so hard to say goodbye to someone you love, but she hadn't been in top shape for a little while and I think she is in a better place now. She had a good life, and I like to think that we made her last year extra special. I love you and miss you you drooly cat, I hope you are frolicking in a field where the hills are made of wet cat food and the grass is full of cat treats and there are plenty of (clean) toilets to drink from.

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  1. I have never seen a cat that drools before! She sounds like she was unique, and great company.